Holistic Health Plan

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Welcome to Divine Nutrition's Holistic Health Plan!

Holistic Health is looking at wellness through an approach of inclusion. All areas affect the life force of the whole. So for example, an illness is affected by everything we do to the body: what we think, what we eat, what we do, how we see the illness, and the emotions surrounding the illness.

To heal and to live in a state of extreme wellness is to take seriously all of the above mentioned and develop a daily holistic health plan!

Here is our Simple steps to Holistic Health!!

Holistic Health Plan Guide

Preventative wellness is to begin becoming aware of the spectrum now before the illness happens.

Living well rested, de-stressed, with vital foods, superfoods, a high level of fitness and an emotional spiritual component to your life- lifts you up and out of the arena of dis-ease almost all of the time.

Our natural state is health.

Living healthy mind, healthy body, healthy emotions, healthy languaging is a choice we make each moment of the day.

Taking the step to holistic health is to take the step to your vital healed harmonious life.

Here are a few steps to wellness: Stay in the present moment

Practice meditation

Make sure you are getting restful sleep

Eat lots and lots of veggies and fresh veggie juice

Get body work

Drink pristine water

Clear your life of toxic chemicals

Clear your mind of toxic thoughts

Be of service

be loving

Be kind

Forgive the past fully everyday-every hour

Spread the message wealth as health everywhere you go!

This is a detour away from traditional health program and a walk into the most powerful, profound, technologies available today...love and self love.

The intention of this Holistic Health Plan is to look at all areas of life and increase the vitality of the body. Increasing the well-being of the physical body is critical for a vital life.

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