Metaphysics of diet -Spiritual nutrition

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Welcome to the Metaphysics of Diet-Spiritual Journey of Diet, Nutrition, and Health!

This journey is a powerful one and often overlooked.This is the Metaphysics of diet and Spiritual nutrition!!

Jump on and take your consciousness to the NEXT LEVEL!

See how food affects every thought,every emotion, every re-action. Our life's journey is enhanced and ignited by the fuel we fire it with.


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Metaphysics of Diet

Spirituality is a journey of awakening to who we really are. Our true authentic nature is more loving, more abundant, and healthier, than most people think. As we clear our past patterns, unhealed wounds, and emotions, we are free to live more fully in our true nature.

The metaphysics of diet, spiritual nutrition, holistic healing, and wellness, is a spiritual process of combing nutrition with spiritual discovery.

How does nutrition and eating habits affect the discovery of self?

Watching how one affects the other is key to overall vitality, spiritual growth, and wellness!

We can also say that how we relate to food is synonymous or equal to how we relate with life.

How we ingest the food we eat and integrate it into fuel is symbolic to how we integrate the world into our psyches into our being.

Steps to spiritual growth through high-vibe food yogameditation One of the most important steps to higher states of spiritual awareness begins with taking care of the physical body.

This is a step that is often overlooked or not taken as seriously as it should be.

How we nourish ourselves directly reflects how we relate to the world.

Just think if we cared for our bodies with great attention and compassion we could than care for each other and our nature around us.

Most people get serious about their nutrition after a life-threatening illness or for weight loss. But here is a little secret, nutrition is the key for greater spiritual well as health and quality of life.

Statistically once people change their nutrition patterns they are then able to see their next step in life more clearly, they have excess energy to create a new dream, or launch a wonderful new project. Many of life changes begin with changing how one cares for the body.

The metaphysics of raw diet and spiritual nutrition can become a path. The path of spiritual awakening which begins with healing the body.

And so begins the magical Spiritual journey and dawning of a new age of consciousness. As we step off the island of separation and begin the Metaphysical course home to enlightenment the power of raw food diet and spiritual awareness is the source and fuel needed for the journey. So fill up!

When the body frees itself from the excess toxins, sugars, food addiction, processed foods, fast food, caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrates, it is than free to experience a state of well-being that launches us into higher states of consciousness.

It restores our balance, our health, our emotional state, and our well-being.

It is amazing how powerfully health and nutrition can affect our lives. women jumping free The Metaphysical Diet

The metaphysical approach to diet is a powerful approach. The addition of spiritual nutrition to your daily life is a missing key to life long health, the ageless life, the vital life, the healed life, pain-free life, the pharmaceutical-free life the empowered life!

The depth to which we explore our bodies and our health is the depth to which we will heal.

Looking at how you nourish your body and your mind and your soul are all related to your diet.

Our daily bio-terrain is critically affected by every food choice we make and also to the emotional state we are in around food. The negative thoughts around a piece of cake do greater internal damage, than enjoying a piece of cake. Could that be true? Our thoughts hold power and generate a damaging internal environment when not cultivated. Meaning internal toxicity is generate with mental thoughts of stress, anger, dislike, and agression. When we hold these thoughts around food it affects our stress hormone inflating our cortisol levels and producing a toxic bio-terrain for our food to try and digest into our body as fuel.

The issue with our busy schedules, daily stresses, our patterns, and habits around food sometimes taking the first step seems like a gargantuan one.

But each baby step makes the next easier and easier, embracing the idea of Spiritual Nutrition can make the metaphysical journey to holistic health that much easier.

Taking One small step at a time to the metaphysical diet

1. Eating is a spiritual act. Take your time: chew your food, light a candle when you eat, taste your food, enjoy the moment, breath as you eat

2. Nourish your body in other ways besides food. Take baths, soak in hot springs, get body-work or message done regularly

3. Fill up on spiritual wisdom of your choice from prayer, to spiritual choose what inspires you but choose an hour a day and fill up on the wisdom

4. Explore your relationship to food, to eating, to digestion. Do you binge eat, or do you feel awful after a meal? Do you have acid reflux? Let your body be a device to give you feedback on how you are doing and how your meals are nourishing the body.

5. Ask yourself how can you live a more rich, full and nourished life?

6. Meditate 10 minutes each day practice with this meditation

7. Pay attention to your thoughts as you eat and as you drink. Ever wonder if this impacts your digestion? How your thoughts change the water your drink 8. Practice the tools of positive self-talk and pay attention to where you might be self-sabotaging, self-trashing, self-loathing Insert positive self talk into your day

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Want to learn how to meditate? Let's start with your first baby step. Healing through Meditation Changing Patterns of negative eating behaviors

Changing a pattern around food is a huge step. Many people have compulsions around food or eat to punish the self rather than serve. Many people starve themselves or binge due to unhealthy body image or self loathing.

How we feel about ourselves and our body is directly reflective of how we nourish ourselves.

Loving yourself is an inside job through looking at negative thoughts and ideas of self first. Once we heal these thoughts we will lean towards nourishment of self and nourishment of soul. Change a negative Pattern Explore the energy and vibration of food and how it affects your consciousness!

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Dr Gabriel Cousens talks about minerals as the secret of Spiritual Nutrition. He claims that minerals are a frequency of light, frequencies of information, and frequencies of creation for the material world in the universe. Minerals activate all the catalysts for organ structures, enzymatic reaction, vitamin activation, and are actually the basis for all the organ and cellular structures in the body. As the body consists of minerals and water, knowing that minerals are the builders of the system is important information.

In order for the bodies highest function we need 90 minerals. 23 key minerals and 16 major minerals and 7 minor trace minerals. Many years ago the US senate in 1936 declared 99% of the US citizens mineral deficient and marked that this deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease.

This was quite awhile ago and since that time our soils have gotten more depleted and our foods less mineral dense. We are more removed from high grade nutritious food products and disease has actually statistically risen. Not to mention obesity, eating disorders, and diabetes. Much of this, but not all, can go back to malnourished bodies starving for food with nutrition.

We are literally starving.

This is why most everyone needs mineral supplementation.

Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes says, "You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment, ultimately to a mineral deficiency."

In essence minerals take us to the very formation of life, if we do not have the proper minerals for enzymes in a particular organ that is needed, we will not have the cellular building materials for repair and regeneration of our tissues.

The amazing thing is that minerals are frequency, and they hold information, consciousness, light, which are all needed for spiritual growth and regeneration of the tissues of the body.

-Dr. Gabriel Cousens Spiritual Nutrition

Want to heal the planet?

As we begin to heal our nourishment and feed our bodies rather than hurt them or punish them with self loathing. Once we feel deserving of pure health, nourishment, and health than we will begin to heal our body. This is synonymous with healing the planet. In other words how we treat our own body is a reflection of how we care for our surroundings. Heal your Body Heal the Planet