Pros and Cons of Raw Food Diet

Pros and Cons of Raw

There is a lot of controversy on the pros and cons of a 100% raw food diet. My guidance on this is to begin to know your body. The more you know what works for you, the better you can listen the more you will understand what kind of diet will work for you.

Diet by intuition and self-discovery. I truly believe the body is an instrument of infinite intelligence.

However, as long as you have allergies or addictions than your body can not be trusted. You must first heal all addictions and allergies in the body. Healing Food addiction This aligns your spirit, your energy and your focus so you can actually make body smart choices for your path to wellness and perfect body weight. Our ideal body weight is naturally thin as is our health naturally well. Let the body heal by clearing away the negativity in your food and in your thoughts.

Of course raw foodists are going to be some of the healthiest people out there.

What are they eating... raw, organic, natural fruits, vegetables, superfoods, sprouts, seaweeds, and nuts and seeds.

What are they not eating, processed, boxed, homogenized, GMO’s, chemically treated foods, fast foods, microwave foods, chips, pastries, breads, dairy, meat, boxed foods, and quite frankly everything that is toxic for the system.

Raw-living foods make a tremendous amount of sense as far as the healthiest choice.

But are they too fanatical?

What is the research and how much should I put in my diet?

Raw foodists claim that the nutrition and enzymes are lost when food is cooked. Some doctors agree that food enzymes are destroyed when cooked, but that our bodies actually put them back in while digesting. Some doctors claim that there is not enough variety in a raw food diet, claiming that nutrients such as b-12 need to be added to the diet. While some vitamins evaporate during cooking, some nutrients are released and absorbed better when the foods are cooked, for example, lycopene from tomatoes.

However, the question could be raised if raw food is a frequency and vibration perhaps the raw foodists are lifting their energy higher and raising their spiritual clarity while living on these foods.

This is the theory of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith from the Secret. He claims that the energy of the food lifts us to higher frequencies.

I also watch many people who will not go raw, or claim it is out of balance are usually people struggling with either their weight, emotional eating, alcohol addiction, food addiction or eating for satisfaction. In other words they are not ready for lifting their energy above the traps of food addiction. It is their addiction doing the speaking.

I feel strongly it is time to lift our awareness and our food choices up to a higher awareness. We have to stop torturing our bodies with poor food choices.

It is time to move into a state of healing, nurturing and taking care of the body.

I really don't think it has to be 100% raw, I just believe it has to be 100% healthy!

There is a lot of information and debate on living only on raw foods diets. Personally I feel the best when I am eating A LOT of raw foods, superfoods, seaweeds, green juices, fruits and vegetables.

I recommend to everyone to simply try raw for one week. Try our one week raw detox and see how it feels for you.

One week Raw W

hen I first began eating raw I found myself sick from all the nuts from the raw food restaurants. I recommend going simple.

Reading as much David Woolf as possible and keep as close to vegetables, seaweeds, and superfoods as possible. Mixing in cooked foods is a healthy balanced way to eat and stay socially popular. I am not one who is a proponent of fanaticism, but I don’t think the raw foodists are screaming about how great they feel for nothing.

My suggestion is to try it. David Woolf