Women and Food - How Nutrition Affects Skin, Hair, & Nails


Women and food how does what you eat affect your hair, nails, and skin?

How much money do you spend on facials, hair color, cuts, dermatologists, face creams, shampoos, etc?

This is a big industry guys...and gals.

Lets put our money where our mouth is...literally.

Food is the greatest influence on healthy looking skin and hair that is available on the market.

Killing two birds with one stone-your grocery bills and your hair and skin products. All curable with broccoli? Its not THAT simple but its close. Women and food and how we use it immediately affects the glow, shine, and health of our hair, skin, and nails.

Does nutrition really affect the nails, skin, and hair to that degree? Absolutely!! Beyond Botox, beyond hair dye, lets start where it all begins- what we put in our mouths. And end with what is more important which is how we feel and treat our body.

Your skin, hair and nails reflect many biochemical imbalances in the body. Emotional imbalances will also appear in skin irritation and problems with hair and nails. Stress, concern, emotional irritations are all revealed on the outer appearances.

How women eat and the lack of nutrition in their food will immediately appear in the skin.

How we think and feel will also be revealed immediately in the skin.

If you are malnourished it will show up in brittle hair, chipped nails, and irritated skin. It is very important to maintain a proper balance of dense mineral foods to ensure the beauty and grace of the body.

It is also important to learn calm thinking, generosity to the body and genuine love when caring for the body and skin.

Care for the skin, hair and nails begins with gentle loving to the body and attention to the food we eat and thoughts we think.

It affects both men and women the same, but alas women are more concerned and more affected by the dreaded beauty industry than men. So lets turn our attention inside out and achieve long-term lasting beauty results.


Hair and nails usually react to imbalances after six months of any dietary imbalance. However skin is much more immediate. Skin is the largest organ and is responsible for eliminating a variety of toxins. Through the skin we will immediately see what is going on inside the body by the appearance of the skin.

As we eat and live we can use our body as an instrument to inform us of what is going on. Issues, pain, rashes and mild irruptions on the skin, hair or nails inform us of other nutritional imbalances or emotional issues that may be present. The key is to look, feel and listen. Do not just cover up issues. This is something that is becoming more and more obvious in our culture with the increase in plastic surgery to the point of grossly exaggerated freak-like features. Revealed to the extreme by such stars as Michael Jackson and Cher. Covering up pain through physical distortion is a form of illness deeply rooted in our culture. This is the extreme version but one to be contemplated. Can turning simply to a life of well-being and balance and health begin to cure cultural ills?

Never underestimate the power of fruit, vegetables and a healed forgiven heart. Women are mostly at risk around body image due to many factors but the first starting point is over exagerated spending on beauty products to cover up emotional pain or eating imbalances.

Women and their relationship to food and their body are very powerful. It affects every child. Every mother's self-image deeply affects the well-being of her offspring. Hair, nails, and skin reflect how we eat but also are a strong sentiment to how we feel about ourselves. The strength of our hair, our bodies, our skin and how we cherish the vehicle are important and when done through health, love, and gentleness will produce a glow and feeling of grace and beauty.

When we make poor food choices, abuse our bodies and than force ourselves through unhealthy means to look a certain way we are actually in a form of self-abuse.

Loving the body through each bite, each thought, and every action is a powerful way women and their eating habits can transform their body- their looks, and their physical nature in their hair, nails, and skin.

WOW! Now that is powerful.

It is time to create a metamorphosis in our self-image from the inside out.


If you have any of the following symptoms you could be at risk for problems with hair, skin and nails.

Women and food as it affects the body- do you have any of the following:

Low stomach acid



Weak immune system


Menopause (women)

Testosterone imbalance (men)

Poor diet


Family history

Exposure to chemicals and sun


Excessive exercise

Symptoms you may experience:

Hair Skin Nails

dry and brittle with split ends greasy

hair loss spots


dry greasy


“liver” spots


brittle or soft

ridged – either vertical or horizontal

white marks

fungal infections

How can changing my diet help?

Diet can dramatically change the health and appearance of your hair, skin and nails. Avoiding carbohydrates, saturated fats, sugar, caffeine and stimulants and increasing your intake of antioxidants is very important.

A qualified nutrition consultant would be able to advise you on specific dietary changes and health improvements.

What kind of lifestyle changes can I make?

A healthy, balanced lifestyle will do wonders to the hair, skin and nails.

Make sure you are getting regular exercise. if you can not get to the gym do a light walk, weights at home, move or dance, just make sure you move your body at the very least three times a week.

It is time to quit smoking. If this is something you have not done yet, or are down to one or two a day...its time to address this problem. Think of the amount of money these tabacoo companies have been making off of people by creating a highly addictive substance and adding it to your cigarette. Quitting smoking is a wonderful gift to explore yourself, your emotions, your deeper desires more closely because they will all appear when you try and quit. Look inside, pray and meditate take your life into new more satisfying ways to seek pleasure. You can do it! You will be left with absolutely no traces or cravings for a cigarette. From someone who has quit herself...I know it can be done!

Keep it organic. Try and avoid toxins or chemicals in your foods or vegetables. Keep it fresh.

Stress is never beneficial to your health, therefore identify any areas of stress and adopt more effective time management allowing space for relaxation. Yoga classes or breathing techniques could be helpful. If stress is a serious consideration, counseling or employing a life-coach is a wonderful solution.


Women and food how it affects your nails, hair and skin.

Will raw food make a difference?

Women and food, raw and how it affects your nails, hair and skin:

The greatest way to improve the quality of your skin, hair and your nails is to bring in raw, fresh organic vegetables and juices.


Women and food and how you care for your body will affect your hair, your nails and your skin.

Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. People who switch to eating mostly raw food often see an improvement in their skin and look younger.

When looking at raw foods we have found that when you heat food up above 105 degrees Fahrenheit you will destroy many of the healthy enzymes. I am not telling you to go 100% raw. But just increase your healthy, organic raw foods. And have fun while you do it!!

Also,50% of the protein and 70-90% of the vitamins and minerals are destroyed when food is cooked. Eating cooked food overtaxes the body’s enzyme reserves.

Eating more raw food decreases the amount of digestive enzymes your body has to produce. Raw foods are foods in their natural state with the enzymes left intact.

Enzymes are needed to perform many functions in the body including digestion, assimilation and elimination of food. A drained enzyme supply can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, premature aging and low energy. Raw foods high in enzymes include sprouts, papaya and pineapple. But eating a mostly raw food diet will increase your enzyme supply and your energy!

Women who eat raw food notice a noticeable difference in their skin texture, hair and nails from the added minerals and supplements they receive from the healthy foods they are eating.

Premature aging can come from Free radical damage which interferes with the production of collagen. Free radicals include but are not limited to:pollution, smoking, processed foods, fat-free and sugar-free foods, many added chemicals.

Antioxidants counteract free radicals that age the skin.

Berries, especially blueberries, are potent antioxidants that promote collagen which reduces wrinkles.

Raw cacao is also a wonderful way to increase your antioxidants.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit help rid the body of free radicals keeping the skin looking young. Foods high in the antioxidant beta carotene like apricots protect the skin against sun damage.

Here are some great sources for creating fantastic skin:

1-CoenzymeQ10 is an effective antioxidant involved in the energy process and present in every cell in the body. CoQ10 levels in the body diminish with age. CoQ10 destroys free radicals and slows aging. This includes Spinach, broccoli and peanuts are foods high in CoQ10.

2-Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the strength of other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, and assists the body’s energy production. Alpha-lipoic acid can be found in spinach, brewer’s yeast, broccoli, tomatoes and peas.

3-Sulfur is a mineral present in every cell in your body. It is needed in collagen production and for healthy skin, hair and nails. Organic sulfur levels in food are lost when processed, heated or dried. Sulfur is known to help improve skin conditions such as acne. High sulfur content foods include asparagus, broccoli, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, red pepper, garlic, onion, watercress and kale.

4-Silicon is an essential trace mineral needed for healthy skin, hair, nails and bones. Silicon levels decrease with age. Fruits and vegetables are the richest source of silicon including apples, oranges, cherries, grapes, strawberries, beets, cucumber, carrots and green leafy vegetables.

5-Phytochemicals are plant chemicals that help the body defend against damage and are said to have anti-aging properties. Phytochemicals can be found in berries, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, spinach, carrots, raw cacao and bell pepper.

6- Raw nuts and seeds are high in Vitamin E which is beneficial to the skin. Selenium keeps the skin elastic and can be found in garlic, onions and shallots.

7- Add flaxseed oil or olive oil a day will keep you shiny.

As the body releases toxins remember as I mentioned earlier it passes through the largest organ, the skin.

Eating raw food increases the detoxification rate. Drinking lots of pure pristine water will also help the body rid itself of toxins.

Sea vegetables including dulse and seaweed also are very high in minerals and vitamins and will benefit the skin.

Also, if you’re doing that dreadful fat-free diet that’s so popular now, you won’t be getting enough oil to lubricate your skin. Women and food hair, skin, and nails how you think and feel makes a difference.

What you think, what you eat, and how you feel about your body will also play an important role in your hair, mail, and skin health.

Looking to deeper issues: skin issues can also irrupt when there are life issues present.

From Lois hay: "On the metaphysical side, dry skin can relate to a feeling of being unsafe. For some reason you may not be trusting Life at the moment. Remember, the power that beats your heart is the same power that has brought you this far and will take you the rest of the way. Relax, breathe deeply several times a day, and affirm: I lubricate my life with joyous, loving thoughts. I allow life to nurture and nourish me. I am open and receptive to all the joys of living. I am juicy and delicious!"

Acne or rashes: can relate to someone getting under your skin. Is there someone or some situation you need to let go of?

Athletes foot or fungus on the feet can be afraid to take your next foot forward in life.

Women have unique relationships with their body and food. Continuing to develop a love affair with food and how it affects your skin immediately is a wonderful affective way to live beauty inside and out.

Its time to approach our health industry from a new level women. So lets look at food and how it affects our hair, nails, and skin before spending a fortune trying to look like an airbrushed model. Who needs the pressure?

Live fully, love deeply, increase your health and remember to eat your blueberries. Women food and how we eat affects all areas of our lives our nails, our bodies, our skin, our children, our hair.

Believe that true health and shine begins today with every thought, every choice, every action and every swallow.